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Adventure starts with an open door

Engage with the outside world & minimise the use of a backlit screen

Written by our Guest Blogger this week: Jade from Stumble Young
As parents (and people, for that matter), we are far too often the target of fear or convenience when it comes to what we need in our lives. 
For some reason, this evolutionary weakness is effective at spurring us into action but quickly fades into the noise of more content and commitments.
But what if there was an alternative lens? One that turns the focus inwards and only on the core elements of life that matter to you.
As new parents, it has always been our dream to grow ourselves in order to show the full aspects of life to our little one. 
A large part of this growth was engaging with the outside world and minimising the use of any backlit screen. 
But where can you start? One quick search and there’s a two-year-old climbing Everest or setting up a tent in a bassinet. (Yes, slight use of exaggeration to make a point)
But it’s overwhelming all the same. Maybe we should push more than we are? Maybe we should do more research? The endless questions quickly mount, and soon four hours have been lost to looking at what you should do instead of simply opening the door.

If any of this connects with where you are in your journey as a parent (or grandparent trying to help), we have found that the best step forward starts with allowing yourself to grow at your own pace.

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Stop at any place to search and explore

There’s no need to buy a Kombi and sell the house, just start by arming yourself with things that give you the confidence to open the door and go somewhere new. 
It may be a small bag of essentials that lives permanently in the pram or doing food prep in bulk so you can ‘justify’ the desire to go somewhere new. 
For us, it was having a throw that was soft and easy to handle that gave us the confidence to stop at any place we wanted our little one to see or explore. That was it!
Give yourself an opportunity to learn together and see what fun can reside in the park, beach, or on the bike. 
Whatever you decide, we hope you open the door and give yourself the freedom to stumble young
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