My Baby Organics, featured story by Channel 7 News

My Baby Organics - Featured by Channel 7 News

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We were thrilled to have Amanda Abate from 7 Gold Coast News drop by to share the story of My Baby Organics. As a mum of 1 and a new one on the way she is a firm believer that quality food is essential during the first stages of life. Here's what she had to say...

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A home delivery service is giving time poor parents a convenient new option to feed there little ones without compromising on nutrition. The first service of it's kind on the coast offering freshly made organic baby food, and you don't have to leave the house.

My Baby Organics featured by channel 7 news. Click the link to watch us

It's home made food, just not made at your home. This is the Bargmann's house at Varsity Lakes, where they cook wholesome organic purée's and toddler snacks, made from fresh produce sourced from local markets, and nothing else.

Read-made baby and toddler meals My Baby Organics Australia

Sarah "It's not sitting on your supermarket shelves for six months, we literally purée it up, pod it up, freeze it". And then, delivered straight to the doors of busy mums and dads. Customer "super convenient, anything that can come straight to me and I don't have to go and get it is a win.

Ready made infant puree and toddler meals My Baby Organics Australia

Tate "We have a van with a freezer so everything gets delivered fresh and frozen". An alternative to the processed, preserved and pre-packaged baby foods. Tested on their own kids. Tate "That's how it all started, just by feeding our little boy and wanting to share the heathy organic food with the rest of the community''.

Feeding our baby Chloe fresh organic baby food from My Baby Organics Australia

Sarah "Nothing but the best". Sarah was a hairdresser, Tate an electrician. They gave up their careers amid the pandemic to start a new service. Sarah "Peel, chop, cook, purée so you don't have to". At two dollars a serve the pods are replacing pouches, not just on the Gold Coast but in Brisbane and the Tweed Coast. Taking on the baby food giants to feed the fussiest little customers. Who have no complaints! Customer "Did you like it?... Yeah". 

Happy customer from My Baby Organics fresh healthy organic baby and toddler food

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