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Going Plastic Free

Be the change you want to see in the world

Take part in a global movement that helps millions of people be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. A great way to find out more is to visit  or Surfrider Foundation Australia. My Baby Organics Australia is proud to a part of the Surfrider family. See our Surfrider Blog for details.

With some simple changes you can greatly reduce your impact on the environment. Every step you take makes a difference and could save you money in the long run. Start small and work your way to becoming plastic free. We live in a plastic world so I understand sometimes it may be unavoidable.

Plastic free reduce single use plastics save our planet Blog My Baby Organics Australia

A big part of being plastic free is being prepared and planning in advance for what you may need to make a swap. Over time these decisions will become part of everyday life.

Plastic is bad for the environment on every level. It pollutes our waterways and creates excess landfill. It also uses a ridiculous number of resources to be manufactured.

Here are some simple swaps to start you on your plastic free journey

Bring your own bag

Use a keep cup

Buy in bulk to avoid individual wrapped portions

Try not to buy fruit and vegetables in plastic wrap or bags. Keep earth fantastic don't use plastic!

Place food/leftovers into reusable containers and not in plastic bags or wrap

Use your own water bottle

Avoid using straws, plastic cutlery/plates and single use bags

Choose cloth nappies over disposable ones

The swaps you can make in everyday life are endless. Once you get started you just want to find more and more.

Please choose to refuse and start saving our planet today.

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