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Starting solids with our baby Chloe

First foods for baby Chloe

It’s that time, Chloe is nearly 6 months old and showing signs of wanting something other than breastmilk. My first born, Jed, started at 4 months as he was showing signs really early. However, Chloe didn’t seem interested until now.

Starting solids with our baby Chloe Blog My Baby Organics Australia

I am definitely a purée mum. I don’t feel comfortable with finger foods just yet. Now this is definitely a personal choice, it’s whatever you feel comfortable with.

For our very first taste, I chose to start with organic carrot purée as I knew it would be gentle on her tummy. I placed a little on the end of a baby spoon and waited until she opened her mouth. She loved it!! The little facial expressions are priceless and watching her develop the actions of moving the food around in her mouth. Things do get a little messy but this is all part of the process. Until she learns to push the food to the back of her mouth and swallow, a little will dribble out.

Feeding baby Chloe Blog My Baby Organics Australia

Starting strong with My Baby Organics Purée's

Chloe was so eager to grab the spoon and give it a go. This is great for hand eye coordination as well.

My personal advice to always try a new food early on in the day so you have the rest of the day to check for any allergies or reactions.

Next Chloe tried our organic sweet potato purée. Sure enough this was a hit also.

Now that she’s tried a couple of veggies, I was happy for her to try some mashed banana. It’s also a good idea to start your purée journey with veggies so your bub doesn’t get to used to the super sweetness of fruit and expect that every time.

The bowel movements of your baby will start to change now that you’ve introduced solids. They will go from a runnier breastmilk/formula poo to a thicker veggie poo and more than likely the smell will change too. Don’t be surprised if your baby skips a few days with their poos. This is normal once you’ve started solids. The body is just processing different food and may take a while. If you are at all concerned that it is taking to long, please consult a professional.

This is just the beginning of Chloe’s first foods journey. I will post again once she gets older and has experienced a little more.

To be continued……

I'd love to know your experience with introducing solids, no matter how far you are on your journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or you can check out our Instagram for more information.

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