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The Treehouse Project

Isn’t it every child’s dream to have their very own treehouse?

I know I sure loved hanging out in trees as a youngster. I was forever climbing. Trees, fences, footy poles, you name it.

The treehouse project Blog My Baby Organics Australia

A great bonding experience between father and son

This project was always on the cards. Even before Jed was born, Tate dreamt of his little boy enjoying the outdoors like he used to.
As we live in suburbia our tree options were limited. These two Lilly Pilly’s were our best option. We had planted them 12 years ago after buying the house, with the view of one day having little ones running around. They had now matured enough to provide the support we needed for this build.

It was such a great bonding experience between father and son and as a mother it was lovely to see them share these precious moments. Lots of cute photo ops too.

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Memories that will last forever

In a world full of technology and screen time, I was all for this build. We love getting outdoors in amongst nature and the fresh air. A treehouse is the perfect place for little imaginations to run wild.
I can see this being a hideaway for Jed and his future little sister. They’ll hang out up there until I call them in for dinner.

Ok, so it may not be the magical treehouse you see in all the fairy tales but it’s a treehouse none the less. Once the trees grow up and around it, it’ll be Jed’s home away from home. He loved every moment of this project and we now have memories that will last forever.

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