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Tummy Time

Tummy time is your babies full body workout

We start our workouts early with little ones. Tummy time is like a full body workout. As the name suggests, your baby spends time on their tummy. This strengthens their muscles and develops motor skills. This will lead to baby lifting their head, rolling, crawling, sitting up and eventually walking.
You can start as early as the day you arrive home from the hospital. Slowly of course. When starting tummy time, it’s recommended to do 1-2 minutes just a few times a day. Then over time you can gradually build this up to 10-15 minutes, several times a day.

Your baby spends a lot of time on their back sleeping with their head in the one position. This can cause a flat spot on their head so regular tummy time can help prevent this. Flat spots usually improve on their own as baby grows and begins to sit up.

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Make tummy time fun

It’s a good idea to do tummy time when your baby isn’t too tired or hungry. Some babies may seem a little unsettled but this is normal so please keep at it. If they are still restless try changing up the positioning, location or activities. It’s also encouraged to get on the floor with them at their level and have a play. Never let baby fall asleep during tummy time. Supervise at all times.
Make tummy time fun. Incorporate it into your daily routine. Find a firm but comfortable position, this could be inside or outside in the fresh air. Place a few toys around them to encourage them to move and look around. Check out our full range of Baby and Toddler Accessories. An unbreakable mirror is a great way for baby to interact, they’ll love seeing their own reflection. Let baby know that you are there with them. Talking, singing, stroking their hands or back.
Most of all, enjoy these precious moments. Tummy time prepares your baby for all the exciting milestones to come.
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