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Recipe - Berry-licious Chia Pudding

Our favourite powerhouse breakfast

This is an all-time favourite breakfast for myself and my 2 year old. It is so easy to make. Great for those time poor parents, providing you whip it up the night before. It’s super nutritious and delicious. A great way to start your day.

This powerhouse breakfast has protein and omega-3 from those chia seeds, vitamin C and  antioxidants from the berries and the cinnamon is great for lowering blood sugars.

It can easily be modified too. So versatile for those fussy eaters. Change the flavour or the fruit to suit your little ones. This could also be a healthy treat for snack times. Like I said, so versatile. I love it!

It’s so convenient I even take it to the markets when I have those early starts but still want a healthy and fulfilling breakfast.

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Then sneak in an Almond & Date Chocolate Bliss Ball for a decadent breakfast treat.

Blog - Berry and Chia Pudding My Baby Organics Australia

Berry-licious Chia Pudding


3 Tbsp Organic Chia Seeds

3 Tbsp Organic Rolled Oats

250ml Organic Coconut Cream

125ml Filtered Water

Organic Cinnamon

Organic Berries of your choice


Thoroughly mix chia seeds, oats and cinnamon into a container with the coconut cream and water.

Refrigerate overnight.

Serve with berries of your choice.

Or as a summery alternative, try our Mango Puree drizzled over the top

Enjoy xx

Serves 3

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