Sarah - Founder and owner of My Baby Organics Australia

Organic Baby Food Delivered to Your Door

Organic Baby Food Delivered to Your Door

Written by Sarah - Founder and owner of My Baby Organics.

Stress-free meal times made easy with - My Baby Organics Australia

My passion started way back as a child when realising the need to be ethical, sustainable and healthy. I have now been vegetarian for 27 years. My love for wholesome organic food grew after a few years of researching plant-based nutrition. During my study I have found a diet based around natural organic foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds are key to a healthy natural food diet, and with good reason; they’ve been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. An easy way to consume more natural foods is to steer clear of processed, refined, food products, and try to eat foods in their original state. All ingredients in our pods have nothing added, ever!

Thick nutritious organic baby & toddler food made locally

Baby and toddler food delivered to your door - My Baby Organics Australia

Living in Queensland with many like-minded people it’s easy to maintain this wonderful healthy lifestyle. Sun, surf, blue skies and an abundance of fresh local produce. Whether it be farmers markets or the amazing cafes we have around us.

Prior to falling pregnant. I knew that my diet and lifestyle would set the foundations for my family’s health and well-being.

Sarah - Founder of My Baby Organics Australia

 After welcoming a beautiful baby boy into this world. I was determined to offer him a variety of fresh Australian organic produce to enjoy like I have over the years.

And so, My Baby Organics was born shortly after.

Our Mission

Creating a Healthier Next Generation

The Healthier Next Generation Initiative is a movement sweeping the globe that endeavours to improve all areas of children’s health, from education to nutrition.

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My Baby Organics is committed to supporting this initiative by providing convenient, nutritious,  organic "pods" to the precious babies and toddlers in your life.

Using fresh Australian organic ingredients, we prepare each pod (meal) the same as if we were feeding it to our own children.

Organic baby food puree

We strongly believe the foundations you set in childhood will relay later in life. This is why we encourage a healthy relationship with vegetables for your baby or toddler.

Puree baby and toddler food

Organic Baby Food with Nothing Added, Ever!

Unlike commercial baby foods you find in the supermarket. Most of our products only have one ingredient a fruit or vegetable by itself. This keeps things pure and simple. All of our products are all plant-based. With no added sugar, salt, preservatives, additives, colours or flavours.

Life is so busy these days and we understand you would want to spend every possible moment with your precious baby & toddler, leaving little time to prepare nourishing meals. So let us do the cooking for you.

My Baby Organics is made with love by parents, for parents and we really hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.

 Sarah xx

Founder, My Baby Organics

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