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Stage 1 Baby Food Purée's 4-6 months

Stage 1 baby food: How to know when to start solids

Stage 1 Baby Food 4-6 Month Baby Food My Baby Organics AustraliaStage 1 Baby Food Ramekins 4-6 Month Baby Food My Baby Organics Australia

What is Stage 1 baby food?

Stage 1 baby foods are single ingredient foods that are blended to a smooth consistency. They're a smooth purée with zero chunks and include just one ingredient so you’re introducing your baby to one new food at a time. 

Please remember, every baby is different. Everything will happen as and when it should. Please don’t rush it.

Choose a good time and place to start introducing solids. Mid-morning at home is always a good idea. The familiar surroundings will make your baby feel relaxed and comfortable.

When to start Stage 1 baby food 

It’s recommended that full-term babies wait until 6 months to try solids because their iron stores that were built during pregnancy are running low. Iron is important for infants brain development. 

Growing babies need all the nutrients they can get. Breast milk and formula are both far superior to solids when it comes to nutrients, including iron. Remember that solid foods are also called complementary foods because their intention is to complement the breast milk and/or formula fed to your baby.

Is your baby ready to start solid food?

Stage 1 Baby Food Feeding Baby 4-6 Month Baby Food My Baby Organics Australia

Knowing when your baby is ready for Stage 1 foods goes beyond celebrating their 6-month birthday. It’s important to look out for social and developmental signals, as well. 

If you notice baby staring at your food and opening their mouth or leaning forward if food is ever offered, these are signs that solid foods have sparked your baby’s interest.

Other signs your baby may be ready for solids: 

Signs that it’s time for introducing solids

Your baby’s individual development and behaviour will guide you when you’re trying to work out when to start introducing solids.

Signs your baby is ready for solids include when your baby:

  • Has good head and neck control and can sit upright when supported
  • Shows an interest in food – for example, by looking at what’s on your plate
  • Reaches out for your food
  • Opens their mouth when you offer them food on a spoon.

Most babies start to show these signs by around six months.

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