My Baby Organics - 15 of the best playgrounds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

The Best Playgrounds in Brisbane and on The Gold Coast

Thornlands Community Park - Playground

Thornlands Community Park has received a huge upgrade - This fantastic playground is massive, it features sensory and all-abilities play, and will keep the kids entertained for hours!

A huge climbing structure with three towers is a highlight of the playground, two towers feature giant enclosed with skylights. These towers are accessed by an extensive network of climbing ropes, and bridges joining them. There is also a crow's nest for pirate roll play.

Thornlands Community Park - My Baby Organics Australia

Its hard to pick which feature in this park is your favourite, as each area seems as popular and fun as the last.  One thing is for sure, this park caters for all ages and skill levels, has considered all interests and types and is somewhere you could easily spend a whole day at. There is even a massive double racer flying fox for the more adventurous older kids.

Concrete gears playground - My Baby Organics Australia

Further along it starts to feel a like you are in a scene from Teletubbies, with large climbing mounds covered in soft matting and imaginative play equipment like this little farmers market house. This fantastic creation has a slide, outdoor dining area and a couple of little spots to set up in.

Cubby house - My Baby Organics Australia

The second stage of works was undertaken in 2021 and included the implementation of an agricultural-themed play space located within the existing play area, celebrating the site’s heritage. The whole playground features a farm-theme with huge pumpkins, watermelons and tomatoes scattered throughout, and a tractor ride!

This awesome playground also includes nature play – with stepping stones, tree stumps and giant frogs – as well as water play with pumps and troughs.

Thornlands Community Park Playground - My Baby Organics Australia

Scattered throughout the new playground are a number of benches, sandstone blocks for play or seating, and shaded picnic and BBQ areas. Cleverly, the entire playground is fenced with pool fencing to help keep children safe from the surrounding suburb's streets and the car park.

Rope tunnel - My Baby Organics Australia

Some of the other features include rubber soft fall toddler play area, sand pit with fossils to uncover, multiple swings set, spring rockers, and spinning carousel.

Playground slide- My Baby Organics Australia

Other facilities at Thornlands Community Park playground include:

  •  with disabled and baby change facilities.

  •  Water fountains, including ones designed to refill water bottles.

  •  A car park with designated disabled parking - although the entire car park can     fill up quite quickly.

  • Multiple general rubbish and recycling bins.

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Broadwater Parklands, Southport - Playground

Gold Coast families are welcoming the addition of a brand-new play attraction, officially opened at the Broadwater Parklands. The $5-million project, which spans 5,000 square metres and features equipment for all abilities.

The playground, located on the northern end of the Broadwater, features a four-level spiral tower with interactive play equipment, as well as a water and sand play area.

Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands playground

Play equipment including play panels, swings, slides, trampolines, diggers, stepping stones, balance beams, a carousel, climbing walls, and climbing nets also add to the area, as well as shade sails and plenty of BBQ’s. Take the kids out for a very special occasion know you can bring your own picnic, and it’s no cost. The park has range of elements designed for all abilities.

Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands playground


Gold Coast, Australia

"Perfect place to go as a family and know the kids will be engaged all day without spending a cent. Along with the rock pools there is a bouncy trampoline, a bike on a rail and there is a blow up adventure course in the ocean."

Broadwater Parklands Map

<img src="" alt="Broadwater Parklands Map" />


Broadwater playground legend

Broadwater playground legend

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Frew Park, Milton - Playground

Frew Park, is situated on the grounds where the iconic Milton Tennis Centre used to rest. The Frew Park playground is nothing short of amazing and the perfect place for kindergarten, primary and high school kids. The area’s tennis heritage features throughout, but the main theme is one of an industrial building site.

Frew Park Playground Brisbane

The 3.5 ha parkland is named after the father of Queensland Tennis Robert Dickson Allen Frew. Apart from the fantastic grassed playing field and tennis courts, the park also features a futuristic playground and upstairs café where visitors can sit and enjoy a coffee and sweet treat.

Best Brisbane playgrounds Frew Park

The play area was created for all ages. Older children can climb a tower via a climbing net, slide down the firemen’s pole and explore the network of interlinked tunnels and bridges or slide down the mega tube slide!

Frew park playground slide

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