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The only shoe for little feet. The Bearba story

Hello, I'm Maree the mumpreneur behind the scenes at BEARBA

Hello, I'm Maree the mumpreneur behind the scenes at BEARBA

BEARBA means baby and it was what I was called growing up as a little girl, so the name just stuck!​ Here at BEARBA, we specialise in sock shoes for little feet. They're a hybrid sock shoe made from cotton and rubber.​As a mum of 3, I really struggled to find shoes for my little ones. They were either too bulky, too heavy, too expensive, or they would just fall off the feet. Sound familiar? Well, it drove me crazy and this meant most of the time, the boys were barefoot.​While searching long and hard to find the perfect shoe for my little ones. I came across the sock shoe.​ OH MY GOODNESS. GAME CHANGER

Here at BEARBA, we specialise in Sock Shoes for little feet

My kids lived in these fantastic sock shoes whilst trialling them with my family. So I wanted to spread the word to as many parents as possible about how amazing our sock shoes are, and BEARBA was born! ​Based on the beautiful Gold Coast, a mum to boys who inspired me to make this all happen.

Why finding the right shoe for little feet is so important!

When your child is learning to walk, they receive important sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. While barefoot walking is best, it's not always practical. This is why our sock shoes are an excellent option for your little ones when they first start taking those first steps!

Bearba Sock Shoes - Fits like a sock, protects like a shoe

Australian podiatrists recommend that first time walkers should be in soft-soled shoes as much as possible, so they can still feel and touch with their feet whilst developing muscle strength. Our sock shoes are great for little ones as they have a flat flexible sole with rubber which helps protect their feet for both indoor and outdoor play. They fit like a sock and protects like a shoe.

Caring for your sock shoes

Our sock shoes are suitable for indoor play, extreme outdoor play and water play. When you're done simply throw your sock shoes in the washing machine.

Place your shoes in a wash bag and wash them in your regular wash cycle

​Place your shoes in a wash bag and wash them in your regular wash cycle, preferable with cold water as this helps to preserve the colour, shape and quality.

Once washed hang in the sun to dry or in a dryer on low heat.

Also checkout our cute range of Grippy Socks

Our colourful grippy socks come in 5 different fruit flavours that all kids recognise. Your little ones will just love these fruity socks that grip. 

<img src="" alt="These grippy socks, are specific footwear that protects against slippage" />

These grippy socks, are specific footwear that protects against slippage. They offer a solid grip that helps reduce the number of at-home falling accidents. These socks have a soft sole for comfort and provide more warmth than regular socks.

Our Services

Come for a SHOE FITTING. If your a local here on the Gold Coast, we would love you to stop by our space to try our shoes on your little ones. Our shoes are so adorable as soon as you see them on, you'll fall in love.

Appointment only. Email us to make an appointment
We're located in Bundall 4217
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